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Esterra Park TI

Redmond, WA

At A Glance

Customer: McKinstry, Co.

Location: Redmond, WA

Date: May 2021 — Oct 2021


This project was a tenant buildout of a 7-story building. HBI Seattle Insulator's scope included supply, OSA and return ductwork, grease ductwork, domestic water, chilled and heating water, condensate, refrigeration piping, heat tracing and fire stopping.  

6 of the 7 floors were typical office buildout with supply duct, heating/chilled water piping to chilled beams and domestic water - a significant amount of which is exposed work and open to structure.  The second floor consisted of a large commercial kitchen with six Type 1 hoods and risers to the roof.  There was almost 20,000 sq ft. of fire wrap installed. 

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